Sola Scriptura In The Reformed Reformation

In 1518, Bucer had heard Martin Luther’s famous Heidelberg Disputation as a young friar in the Dominican monastery. Eventually, he himself became the major reformer in the strategic city of Strasbourg. Particularly intriguing is how the Reformation caught fire there, at least in part. In Wittenberg, Luther had attacked the medieval sacrament of penance. In Zurich Huldrych, Zwingli had, confronted the medieval Lenten fast. In Strasbourg, Bucer and preachers, Matthäus Zell, and Wolfgang Capito opposed the medieval prohibition on clerical marriage. In each case, the Reformers returned to the sufficiency and authority of Scripture, as the only rule for faith and life.

Zachary Purvis | “Martin Bucer: Fireside Reformer” | Modern Reformation (32.1 (Jan/Feb 2023), 12–13


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