Are the Feds Charged With Fixing Loneliness?

What if I told you to trust the feds to help you deal with your feelings of loneliness and social isolation? I hope you’d laugh in my face.

These are the same folks who demanded you self-isolate, hide your face, and stay in your house for years after saying Covid lockdowns would last only 15 days. They threatened our livelihoods and freedom to travel if we didn’t take their untested injections. They also urged us to shun and snitch on any loved ones who resisted the Covid propaganda. And now they are demanding we trust them to help us alleviate our loneliness epidemic?

So I hope you’re alarmed to learn that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been charged with curing the nation of its loneliness epidemic. Seriously.

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Ct., recently introduced the National Strategy for Social Connection Act. Among other things, the bill would create a new bureaucracy: a federal “office of social connection policy” to advise the White House.

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Stella Morabito | “Beware Of Bureaucrats Wanting To Be Your BFF” | July 28th, 2023


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  1. I have yet to see a bureaucracy, government or private, that actually works.

    Eric Hoffer’s comment comes to mind that every ogranization begins as a movement, becomes a business, and winds up as a racket.

  2. Should have also added Jerry Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy:

    Every organization consists of two groups: Those who sincerely advocate the goals of the organization and those who are just out to expand their own empires, money, power, etc. The latter will inevitably take over from the former.

  3. We do seem to have a potential 2024 presidential candidate from Florida who has vowed to eliminate at least two or three departments within the Federal bureaucracy if he’s elected. That sounds like good news, but I’d say, “good luck with that” knowing how solidly implanted these entities are within the overarching gov’t.

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