Discovering the Benefits of Memorizing Scripture: The Book of Romans

“C’mon, Mom. Let’s do it.” When a daughter suggests memorizing a chapter of the Bible together, what can you say? So we memorized the eighth chapter of Romans this past spring. And I have to say, it was exhilarating! My spirit soared as Paul built his case for life in the Spirit, our adoption, the glory to be revealed to us, and the deep love of Christ for his saints. And at some point, it hit me—I am a 65-year-old Christian woman. What have I been doing all these years? Sure, I have throughout my life memorized many Bible verses, psalms, and chapters of the Bible here and there. But by this point, why have I not memorized more of the Scriptures? There’s no excuse! So I turned back to the first chapter of Romans and decided to go for it. I quit checking Facebook and put down my phone. By November the Lord enabled me to commit all 16 chapters of the epistle to memory. I wish I had words to express the profound and life-altering impact memorizing this Scripture has had on me.

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Beth Myers | “Benefits of Memorizing the Book of Romans” | December 27, 2022


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