The Shocking Reality Of Ordinary Christian Life

We tend toward being very pragmatic. We want to walk out of Bible study with a to-do list and may assume that the cosmic struggle represented in Revelation doesn’t lend itself to practical application. But that simply isn’t so. Revelation presents a repeated call that is urgent for every one of us to respond to right now, today. Revelation has everything to do with how we invest the capital of our lives, what is worth getting excited about, or being afraid of. Revelation speaks to our big and little compromises with the world around us, how we view political and governmental systems, and what we expect our money can provide for us.

If we are concerned with what’s practical, the day will come when we will look back and it will be clear to us that there was nothing more practical than prayer, nothing more practical than perseverance, and nothing more practical than praising the triune God even when evil was pressing in on us. We’ll discover that worship was the “ultimate subversive activity” in a world of idolatry and materialism. Enduring in our allegiance to King Jesus even when it costs us, and living as if we do not expect this world to applaud us, approve of us, or satisfy us, is subversive. It’s shocking. And at the same time, it is the ordinary Christian life. It is what is expected of a citizen of the kingdom of heaven living in the kingdom of the world. Read More»

Nancy Guthrie | “4 Reasons We Avoid the Book of Revelation” | July 26, 2022


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  1. In his book Truth Unchanged, Unchanging pp 78-80; Dr. M L Jones quotes Thoma a Kempis:

    “by two wings man is lifted from the things of earth— Simplicity and purity”

  2. We are currently studying Revelation in study group. It fills me with awe. There are no hard and fast answers but plenty of inspiration to fear our awesome God.

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