The Implications Of Obergefell As Law

So it is precisely because the law is a teacher, and precisely because of its wide variety of social implications, that I oppose the Obergefell decision. I do not want the mad, cruel, confused, and lonely society that a fundamental denial of the reality of marriage must produce. Read More»

Anthony Esolen | “The Trainwreck of White-Collar Sympathy” | November 26, 2022


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  1. Do not trust in princes,
    In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.

    –Psalm 146:3.

    Trust in the Lord. Believe me, I have no idea whatsoever He will do with all this. But I am confident in His ability to bring good even out of something as horrible as the sexual perversions of our day.

    And it has been worse. If you have the stomach, read Tacitus’ descriptions of life under Nero (and I hope our host will not ban me for promoting pornography when I recommend Tacitus.)

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