This Is A Good Book And Now Very Affordable

This is a fine little volume that makes a good entry point to the Reformation. Bob Godfrey published this several years ago. These chapters are based on his lectures, which he gave for decades as Professor of Church History at Westminster Seminary California. Bob is an excellent scholar who is well read in the primary sources and the secondary literature. Best of all, however, is that he is an excellent story teller. The publisher is practically giving away this title ($2.00). Read more»

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  1. My church listened to several of his church history series that he did through Ligonier. The one dealing with the Dutch Reformation was very interesting. He’s actually a really funny lecturer at times.

  2. Thanks, Dr. Clark. Looks like there were only 8 copies available. Guess they got took real fast.

  3. If anyone really, really wants the book, Ligonier offers it through the ministry online store for $12.

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