Now On Sale For $10.00: Beza On The Lord’s Supper

On sale now at Reformation Heritage Books. Beza is one of our most important and yet most under appreciated writers. This treatise has never before been translated into English until now. Read more»

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  1. I also highly recommend Beza’s in depth interactions at the Colloquy of Montbeliard. He interacted for a week long debate with Lutheran Andraeas on Christology, images,baptism, the supper, election, and apostasy. This book has the minutes recorded with their own words on the subject. Very rewarding book. It’s a Lutheran published book but accurately records the interactions from both sides. It caused me to become Reformed. It’s $19.99 on kindle

    • I’m reading it now. It caused me to become Lutheran – kidding. I am Lutheran, formerly Reformed but I agree it is an excellent read for anyone who wants the nitty gritty on the differences.

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