Free Speech Matters: BigSocMedia Bans New York Post Article

BigSocMedia does not want you to be able to read an article in the New York Post concerning Hunter Biden and his connections to Burisma etc. Without commenting on the merits of the article, I am only posting this link here in the interests of free speech and free inquiry.

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  1. Moral: If you are going to leave a computer repair bill unpaid, make sure the shop supports your party sufficiently to refrain from recovering their costs by selling on your data!

  2. Following the leadership of Dr. Clark, I am forwardingthis to all of my friends, in order to keep access open not only to the article but more importantly free speech. No monopolistic system should be able to curtail my access to information in the public sphere. I have the obligation, myself, to assess its legitimacy.

  3. I know that the President’s tweet was suspended but there was a general Twitter outage yesterday, which meant no one could send tweets for a while. So the screenshot in question may be related to that episode.

  4. The way to beat high tech is with low tech. We’re going to have to start communicating as we did before the internet and maybe before TV.

    All information is routed through these social media gatekeepers now. This is highly ironic since in the early days of the internet boom there were utopians telling us how a new egalitarian internet society would emerge free from centralized control like so much in the meatspace.

  5. Somebody claiming to be the ACLJ (whether they are or not, I don’t know – I have my suspicions) are calling on people to sign their petition on this (The way this petition is handled seems a bit dodgy too. They put out one or two petitions daily and system appears to let me sign it several times).

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