1. So what’s left, not caring if anything true, right or wrong, just wanting power. Such an articulation is good for showing teeth, like a gnarl of a dog. Even the name “Frankfurt School” is a placeholder for whoever might night an authoritative something that will never be examined or allowed to be examined by proponents. Just the pursuit of raw power.

  2. J. Lindsey’s observation of the Critical Social Justice movements’ self-assessment is ill-advised. Their limited understanding of the big picture is their flaw: ‘ The deeper, more significant aspect of this problem is that by participating in something like conversation or debate about scholarly, ethical, or other disagreements, not only do the radical Critical Social Justice scholars have to tacitly endorse the existing system, they also have to be willing to agree to participate in a system in which they truly believe they cannot win. This isn’t the same as saying they know they’d lose the debate because they know their methods are weak. It’s saying that they believe their tools are extremely good but not welcome in the currently dominant system, which is a different belief based on different assumptions. Again, their game is not our game, and they don’t want to play our game at all; they want to disrupt and dismantle it.”

    It seems this group is on a collision course with their own destruction. Although people are watching and reading now, there will come a time when that phase will be done and the rioters will be routed. However, the cost may be great because the forces that want to subdue Civilization and control people are just using the Critical Social Justice thinkers as a means to an end. Though the world appears dark, the Light of our Savior shines brightly.

  3. In order to try to make sense of this “stuff” and all else that is going on nowadays, I’m re-reading (maybe reading for the third time even, I can’t recall) Robert Bork’s accurate and timely work, “Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and the American Decline.” This excellent work, published in 1996, though lambasted heavily by critics among the liberal elite, clearly outlines the antecedents that led our nation to the state where it now resides. Were Bork still alive today even he would be astonished at the barbarian state into which our culture has since declined. God help us all.

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