New In Print—The Synod Of Dort: Historical, Theological, And Experiential Perspectives

2018–19 was the 400th anniversary of the great Synod of Dort. It was not that long ago, but given global events, it might seem like a lifetime ago. In commemoration there was renewed attention to Synod and the Canons of Dort resulting in books, conferences, and essays. One such volume is this collection of essays published as The Synod of Dort: Historical, Theological, and Experiential Perspectives from Vandenhoek & Ruprecht edited by  by Joel Beeke and Marty Klauber. It contains essays by Bob Godfrey, Donald Sinnema, Mike Horton, Joel Beeke, Martin Klauber, Dolf te Velde, Dan Borvan, Joel Kim, and, among others, yours truly:  “Seriously and Promiscuously: The Synod of Dort on the Free Offer of the Gospel” in Joel R. Beeke and Martin I. Klauber, ed. The Synod of Dort: Historical, Theological, and Experiential Perspectives (Göttingen: Vandenhoek & Ruprecht, 2020), 89–104. NB: V&R are academic publishers. They publish for scholars and libraries and thus these volumes tend to be expensive but scholars, seminary, college, and university libraries will want to add this volume to their collections. If your church library has a generous budget, this volume might be a blessing to your pastor as he continues to study the Reformed confessions as part of his teaching and preaching duties.

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