AGR On Romans: The Power Of God For Salvation (14)

Romans is one of the greatest resources available to the Christian faith and life. Written in the mid-to late AD 50s to the congregation in Rome, Paul sent this pastoral letter to make clear the gospel, that salvation is from the Lord, that it is and has always been by his free favor alone (sola gratia), through faith alone (sola fide), in Christ alone. Jesus the Servant of God is the Savior promised to Adam and Eve, to Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, to David, and to the prophets. To make clear the centrality of Christ and the good news—the power of God for salvation of the ungodly—he lays out the greatness of our sin and misery (1:18–3:20), how we are redeemed from our sins and misery by the grace of God in Christ (3:21–11:36); and how we ought to live thankfully for such a redemption (12:1–16:27). In this episode Chris and I are in Romans 4 as we consider what Paul says about Abraham, David, and justification by grace alone, through faith alone.

Here is the episode.

Here is the complete series so far.

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One comment

  1. Simply a marvelous discussion on justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. I especially appreciate how you emphasized the personal nature of justification. Jesus didn’t just die for the sins of all mankind, so it is up to me to make it mine by doing my part by believing it and applying to myself! Jesus died FOR ME, because Jesus died for His people given to Him by the Father. The evidence that that is true of me is that God the Holy Spirit has made me alive in spirit and given me the gift of faith so I trust only in His righteousness for me, and live to please Him. When I fail, I know that my acceptance with God is secured by having been declared righteous by the imputation of Christ’s perfect righteousness, not my own.

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