Office Hours: The 21st Century Reformed Pastor And Piety

Office Hours 2016 full sizeThe 21st century Reformed pastor faces many challenges. He represents a minority tradition in North America and in most other places in the world. His church tends to be understaffed and under-funded. Then there is the daunting task of evangelizing his community. On top of that, the surrounding culture seems increasingly hostile to Christianity. Then there are sermons to write, Bible studies for which to prepare, meetings to attend, counseling sessions, and catechism instruction just to name a few and the list continues. There is another challenge facing the minister. He is often tempted to overlook his own spiritual well being. The Rev Dr Jon Payne was on campus earlier this year to deliver the annual den Dulk lectures on the 21st Century Reformed Pastor, Piety, Proclamation, and Prayer. The spiritual well being of the 21st-century pastor is very much on his mind and heart these days. He is senior pastor and organizer of Christ Church Presbyterian (PCA) in Charleston, SC where Westminster Seminary California graduate Ross Hodges is his Associate Pastor. Before that, he was a PCA pastor near Atlanta. He is a graduate of Clemson University, a seminary graduate, studied at New College, Edinburgh, and he is a visiting lecturer in practical theology at RTS, Atlanta. He is convener of the Gospel Reformation Network and editor of and contributor to the Lectio Continua Expository Commentary series and the author of several books including, John Owen on the Lord’s Supper and Rediscovering the Beauty of Reformed Worship for the 21st Century. He and his wife Marla live in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with their children in South Carolina.

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