Ursinus: The Mosaic Civil Laws Pointed To Christ And Are Fulfilled

The use of the judicial, or civil laws, was,

  1. That they might contribute to the preservation of the Mosaic polity.
  2. That they might be types of the government of the church in the kingdom of Christ, inasmuch as the princes and kings of the Jewish nation were no less, than the priests a type of Christ, the High Priest and King of the Church.

These uses, together with the laws themselves, were done away with when the ceremonies of the former dispensation were fulfilled and abrogated by the coming of Christ, and the Mosaic polity overthrown by the Romans.

Zacharias Ursinus, The Commentary of Dr. Zacharias Ursinus on the Heidelberg Catechism, trans. G. W. Williard (Cincinnati, OH: Elm Street Printing Company, 1888), 612.

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