How Christian Radio Sounded In 1980

220px-bob_dylan_-_saved_re-releaseBy the time I was hired at the local Contemporary Christian radio station (KBHL “New Life 95”) in 1980, the format had become what was then called “MOR” (middle of the road). Sometime after I got there, however, we started running a spot from CBS records for a new record by Bob Dylan. On Saturday nights we were allowed to play some of the better (i.e., up tempo) records.

From the “just for fun” bin, here is that spot.


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  1. I’m guessing you guys might have played 2nd Chapter of Acts, Phil Keaggy (sp?), maybe some Daniel Amos, Lamb. That’s what I was listening to at least.

  2. For me fifty years ago, and right to this moment, “contemporary Christian music” is a cantata by J. S. Bach, and popular music is The Great American Songbook. I’ve been stuck in this rut since I was a wee tot, and much the better for it!

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