Les Is In Escondido For Calvinist


Les is in town to shoot part of his new film, Calvinist. Thanks to Tricia Howerdzyl for letting us use Kettle Coffee (downtown Escondido) to shoot the interview. Thanks to Evan Gear for loaning us a pair of headphones.

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  1. Very good. I trust his interviews with you and others in town will go well.

    Tell Les to interview Darryl Hart for the film as well (I know he’s in Hillsdale, not there).

    I suggested to him the same in the Reformed Pub group on Facebook, but he didn’t respond.

    Hart, after all, did write the book on Calvinism.

  2. Nice. Love Reformed Pubcast, and thanks RSC for your appearances (and turning them both paedobabtist!)

    Make sure Les gets a realio trulio carne adada or carnitas burrito from a taco shack before he goes. And take him to some brewery tasting rooms!

  3. Hillary Clinton has suggested that some people are irredeemable. Should she be interviewed? It sounds like she’s going from liberal Methodist to quasi Calvinist.

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