Office Hours: The Spirit-Breathed Inerrant Scriptures

Office HoursIn the Nicene Creed (325, 381 AD) Christians everywhere confess that the Holy Spirit “spoke by the prophets.” Ancient Christianity was marked by the highest regard for the Scriptures as God’s Word, given by the Spirit through the prophets and apostles. Since the 18th century, however, much of modern Christianity has been taken up with discussions of and arguments about the nature and reliability of Holy Scripture. The Modernists said that Enlightened people could no longer simply accept the Bible as the Word of God. They began to criticize Scripture in a variety of ways and to undermine its authority and reliability. Westminster Seminary was born in the midst of this controversy. It was established, in large measure, to defend the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture in the original autographs. Mike Horton joins us for this episode as we explore what it means to say that Holy Spirit breathed out God’s inerrant Word.

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