With Chris Buskirk On Downstream Politics

downstream-politicsI am not a political analyst and I do not play on TV or radio (nor in the pulpit) but Christians do live in a twofold kingdom and I was happy to talk with Chris Buskirk, host of Downstream Politics, about media, history, and how Christians should think about politics. You can contact Chris on Twitter.

Here is the episode.

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  1. Your points about Christians living and working under pagan regimes (Nero’s Rome; Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonia) is well taken. Perhaps, in God’s providential guidance of history, we in the West are entering a time when the Constantinian order of Christianized society will be completely overthrown. We certainly have seen such a state of affairs in the Islamic Middle East, which once had a large Christian majority with a very significant Jewish presence as well.

    I will also admit that much of the transformationist Right is unattractive. I bade R. J. Rushdoony goodnight when I read his holocaust revisionism in _Institutes of Biblical Law_–when, as an ethnic Armenian, he should’ve known that man can be and has been depraved enough to embark on genocide. And I question his view that Voodoo is the basic religion of African-Americans, who are clearly a Christianized people. We do not need revision of well-documented historical incidents simply to prove the follies of the anti-Christian Left.

    But I will not give up on the transformationist vision–especially since I count myself Reformed. Christ is Lord of all of life, including political life. I get the sense from Calvin’s _Institutes_ that government is not merely a necessary evil, but can be a positive good.

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