They Will Help You Overcome Facts

But every word on the front page is contradicted by the facts,” I objected. Edgar gave me a tolerant smile. “You still have the mechanistic outlook, he said, and then proceeded to give me the dialectical interpretation of the facts . . .

Gradually, I learned to distrust my mechanistic preoccupation with facts and to regard the world around me in the light of dialectical interpretation. It was a satisfactory and indeed blissful state; once you had assimilated the technique, you were no longer disturbed by the facts.

—Arthur Koestler, Darkness At Noon in Diana West, “A Postmodern Guide to Shutting Down Speech, and the Truth.”

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  1. Once a blissful vacuum had been produced there would be an absence of clearly defined and humanly acceptable concepts for the mind and goals for the will. (Hostage to the Devil, Malachi Martin):

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