A Muslim Approaches The Truth About Global Islamism And Jihad

(HT: @muddygravel)

It should be added that the Ft Hood and San Bernardino attacks and others suggest that the line between ideological Islamism and violent jihad is fluid and rapidly crossed. The high percentage of Islamic Study Centers (mosques) in the USA that preach violent jihad (84.5%) should be considered a potential significant factor. The Saudis and well-financed groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood have funded a rapid expansion of the number of Mosques in the USA post-9/11.

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  1. After reading the first ten suras I cannot see how can anyone disagree with the jihadist interpretation of these texts. Especially taking into consideration the biography of Muhammad and the spread of the first Caliphate. Jihad seems to be the central idea of Islam, not the vague idea of spiritual submission but a very precise political one. As much as it is heartwarming to see such an example of westernised Islam I fear that a conversation on these matters will not solve the problem in countries like France or Belgium. With the current political correctness unchained and wrecking havoc in the society I doubt the EU will be up to challenge. On the subject of the fastest growing is ti really true?

    • Westerners cannot distinguish truth from falsehood (we can’t, for example, tell if we’re male or female) so it doesn’t really matter what the source texts of Islam or Christianity say.

      I don’t know if Islam is the fastest growing religion. 10 years ago, there were only 900 billion Muslims. Are there really 1.6 billion 10 years later/ RObert Spencer of Jihadwatch frequently explains that Muslims inflate their numbers to terrorize non-Muslims.

  2. I’ve noticed that United States foreign policy, promoted by both neo-conservatives and liberals, isn’t included when these matters are discussed.

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