Can You Help Me Find This Work?

Several years back I was alerted to the existence of this doctoral work. I have searched for it but without success. I had forgotten about it but was recently reminded of its existence. I realized that I should ask you on the chance that perhaps you have seen it:

“The Gospel of Law and the Law of Gospel: The Antithetical Gospel-Law Paradigm of S. Scott Clark” (S.T.D. 2007)

This research was conducted under the auspices of Edinburg Theological Seminary of Universidad Juan Calvino Seminario Teologico. I have attempted to contact ETS by telephone and email but so far with no success. Below is a picture from the author’s own website from a few years back.


This title and the other details are evidently correct since they were repeated on the school’s website at one point, though they do not appear there now. The author was listed as a faculty member, however, as late as 2012.

Update October 2020.

The author contacted me by surface mail to say that the posted title had a typo and that he intends to publish this work.

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  1. Doesn’t show up on WorldCat, nor on WorldCat Dissertations. Plus no reviews or other mention found on the ArticleFirst database.

    • There is a chapter in a book about which several have emailed me but no one thus far has been able to locate this research for which a doctorate was awarded.

  2. Verbatim title shows up (minus “of S. Scott Clark”) attributed to Adam Sandlin, with a lot of ref to Leithart dated 2007 consistently. Funny that it’s not findable as a doc. Horton and Westminster also turn up, but nothing more. Weird.

  3. It’s by P.Andrew Sandlin, and there was a chapter in a book written by him with a very similar title, and the book edited by him same year (2007), ‘A Faith that is never Alone’, Kerygma . His chapter is a response to Westminster California, so it is surely R.Scott Clark, even though Sandlin himself has at times substituted ‘S’.

    You can try Sandlin himself for a copy of the dissertation….

  4. He’s currently working the Center for Cultural Leadership (see his profile at I would try contacting them, or go to his blog (posted on the “Contact” page) as he seems to be recently active there. He’s a member of Evangelical Theological Society website (you can try searching for current contact information through them). The dissertation was never published, as far as I can tell, and since it was awarded in Mexico City, that’s likely why it isn’t on UMI.

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