Apostles’ Creed

1. I believe in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth.
2. And in Jesus Christ his only begotten Son, our Lord.
3. Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary.
4. Suffered under Ponce Pilate, was crucified, dead, buried, and descended into hell.
5. The third day he rose again from the dead.
6. He ascended into heaven, and sits on the right hand of God the Father Almighty.
7. Whence he shall come to judge the living and the dead.
8. I believe in the Holy Spirit.
9. The holy catholic church.
10. The communion of Saints: The forgiveness of sins.
11. The resurrection of the body.
12. And the life everlasting. Amen.

Aarticuli Fidei sive Symbolum Apostolorum

1. Credo in Deum Patrem omnipotentem, creatorem coeli et terrae:
2. Et in Iesum Christum, Filium eius unigenitum Dominum nostrum,
3. qui conceptus estde Spiritu sancto, natus ex Maria virgine,
4. passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mortuus et sepultus: Descendit ad inferos,
5. tertia die resurrexit a mortuis,
6. ascendit ad coelum, sedet at dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis:
7. Inde venturus est ad iudicandum vivos et mortuos.
8. Credo in Spiritum sanctum,
9. sanctam Ecclesiam, catholicam,
10. sanctorum communionem, remissionem peccatorum,
11. carnis resurrectionem,
12. et vitam aeternam.

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