The Indispensability Of The Covenant Of Grace

And surely no Context of Holy Scripture can be solidly explicated, No Common Place of Divinity can be rightly handled, No Polemical or Controversal point can be dextrously descided, No Case of Conscience or Practical Question can be accurately resolved, No Christian Duty can be skilfully urged or advised, without due respect and Scope had to the COVENANT of GOD…. And so should every faithful and skilful Minister have it principally in Design, To be a Preacher of Gods Covenant; and every prudent Christian to be an Hearer and Practitioner of Gods Covenant: Gods Covenant Calling for most intentive respect from them both. So that whilst we are ignorant of the mysteries of Gods Covenant; we are Ignorant of Scriptures, of Christ, and of all Gods gracious Administrations to his Church.”

—Francis Roberts, Mysterium & medulla bibliorum. The mysterie and marrow of the Bible: viz. God’s covenants with man, in the first Adam, before the fall: and in the last Adam Jesus Christ, after the fall; from the beginning to the end of the world; unfolded & illustrated in positive aphorisms & their explanations (London, 1657), 9

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