It’s Not About Equality. It’s About Definitions

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  1. The questioner just didn’t get it. He didn’t understand the clear answer that the speaker provided over and over. He didn’t understand the logical conclusion to the speaker’s point. This is because they don’t want equal rights, they want uber rights. They demand same-sex marriage and demand others to call it good but when drawn to it’s logical conclusion, such as the examples the speaker listed (thruples, opposite-sex quartet, etc) they either get confused or they fold.

    They really don’t want marriage equality because when you press them on it and say well then you should have no problem with any type of marriage be it between two siblings or 5 people, they show their true cards and they realize that they truly do not want marriage equality. They want re-definition. As the speaker said, I hope you just don’t want special pleading for your same-sex marriage. But that’s exactly the case.

  2. TBH, I don’t see what can be done at this point. 73% of Millennials support SSM and a majority of the country supports it. No civilization has ever survived the loss of such a fundamental element. Romans 1-2 seems to indicate homosexuality is a judgment upon a people. Who can stand in the way of God’s judgment?

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