The USA, North Korea, And China

Today, the United States is one of only four nations in the world that allows for abortion on demand at any time during pregnancy. We’re in the company of those great paragons of moral virtue and human rights, North Korea and China. But the States continue to press the issue because they recognize what the Supreme Court in Roe seems to have forgotten—government has a deep moral obligation to protect the most vulnerable among us. One of the judges on the Ninth Circuit panel suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that perhaps the states should require that anesthetics be administered to an unborn child in the womb before an abortion can be performed on it. Such a rule would at least allow the unborn child to escape the pain that the gruesome techniques of late-term abortion would otherwise inflict on him or her. But it cannot anesthetize the rest of us to the gruesome tragedy of late-term abortion, at least not as long as there is any measure of human decency left among us.

—John C. Eastman, “What If Fetuses Do Feel Pain?

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  1. Both this post and Brad Kemper’s comment show the frightful cognitive/moral disconnect held by both our legal establishment and our media.

    Speaking as a former US Consular Officer with Chinese experience, I’ll also offer that the Chinese government was shocked when the US government stated it did not approve of forced abortions back in those days when Bill Clinton was POTUS. The Chinese government honestly believed that international progressive opinion would applaud its policy.

    I also note that in parts of rural China where everyone in a village might be related, pressing the one child policy could be hazardous. Over-zealous health officers sometimes “disappeared” without a trace, and the cases never solved. Elsewhere, peasants whose wives were forced to abort went desperate, and openly murdered the child of some local health officer or cadre, even if the penalty might be death. “You kill my child; I kill yours”. That’s what you get in a culture where revenge is sweet.

    And it’s ironic that Mao Zedong, while still out of power and early in his hold on it, held that birth control was only the Western imperialists’ method of killing off the Chinese people without recourse to war. It now seems that the ones so at war with the Chinese people are Mao’s own heirs.

  2. What if the UN decided that the US was committing genocide via. abortion? A multi-national force would invade and set up bases. I`m betting some folks would be making IEDs . The word “terrorist” would take on a new meaning.
    Just thinkin…….

  3. U.S., China, North Korea, and who’s #4? And that’s surprising actually, I would have guessed that Canada and most of Europe would have similar abortion laws to the U.S.

    Also, “abortion on demand at any time during pregnancy“? I thought abortion was only allowed in 1st and 2nd trimester? It’s quite possible I was misinformed though.

    • Roe v Wade makes it possible to get an abortion in the third trimester. Many states regulate it but it does happen.

      Here are the HB resources. There is some discussion of the legal history of Roe v Wade.

      • I think we’re quibbling. Yes, one can still get late term abortions on demand in the USA. Don’t you remember Gosnell? That’s what he was doing. There are late-term abortionists scattered across the USA. All one needs is the price of a Greyhound ticket and the fee for the abortionist.

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