Has The Church Replaced Israel?

israelIt is a common canard among Dispensationalists that Reformed theology must teach that the church “replaces” Israel. They call this “Replacement Theology.” That must is what is known as an a priori, something that someone “knows” before they’ve actually looked at the facts. In truth Reformed theology does not teach replacement theology. Nevertheless, this misrepresentation persists. Last Lord’s Day evening, my pastor and dear friend Chris Gordon,  who hosts Abounding Grace Radio, preached a another terrific sermon. This was an exposition of Romans 11: “Has The Church Replaced Israel?” I really think you should listen to it and especially if you think that the Reformed are indifferent about the salvation of the Jews.

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  1. Going to enjoy listening but true Israel has always been Israel. Ain’t no replacin’ going on. Thank you Dr Clark.

  2. Doesn’t Pastor Gordon know Hageeology? J. Hagee knows the true replacement theologians and he’s calling down fire on ’em as such people have the anointing of Hitler. Better get underground or repent!

    Seriously, I’ll check out this AGR episode. I’ve enjoyed this radio program a lot lately.

  3. How I’ve thought about it lately is this.

    Many, if not all of the promises to Israel are fulfilled in Christ.. these are the same promises that are ours who are in Christ.. no replacement going on, but just like those who Paul speaks about who are “of the circumcision” but not Gods people, evident because they are not behaving as one who are in Christ.

    I downloaded before and could play, but will make sure to listen. Thanks for posting!

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