The Contemporary Relevance Of The Reformation

Pilgrim Radio NetworkThere is an old saw, “Now you’ve quit preaching and gone to meddling.” The “preaching” is telling the story. The “meddling” is applying the story. Folk will tolerate it when historians tell stories about the past. They might be entertaining or interesting but they may be safely tucked away as inconsequential. People are not not always patient when historians beginning drawing connections, parallels between then and now or applying the past to the present. Nevertheless, if a preacher who fails to apply the text fails to preach, then a historian who fails to connect the past to he present has arguably also failed to finish the job.

In this interview with Bill Feltner of the Pilgrim Radio Network, we talked about the contemporary relevance of the Reformation and what it means for various issues facing the church, particularly on the the doctrine of salvation. Listen:

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