“Well, What Do You Consider A Baby?”

In this video, an Albuquerque abortionist compares having an abortion to getting a flu shot. The counselor denies that the infant feels any pain and says that an infant 24-weeks “doesn’t even look like a baby yet.”

That is a lie. The video pictures Toby, an infant born at 24 weeks. He’s obvious in NICU (intensive care for infants) but he’s human. Here’s the documentation for the Carhart quote posted yesterday.

In order to justify the killing of human infants, the first thing the counselor must do is to downplay the humanity of the infant. She lies. That’s the only word for it.

In one scene:

counselor: “you’re at 27 weeks.”
patient: “Is it like a baby?”
counselor: “Well, what do you consider a baby?”

No one, not the mother, not the physician, gets to decide whether a baby is a baby—and certainly not at 6 months.

This is exactly what the Fascists did to the Jews. They denied their humanity in order to justify murdering them.

As of 2008 it was known that humans are viable, i.e., they are capable of living outside the womb at 23 weeks. As this entry on the NIH (National Institutes of Health) site notes, viability has improved dramatically in the last 10 years so. A pre-term infant was born at 21 weeks in the UK. The normal period of gestation is 38–40 weeks, depending upon when we start counting.

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  1. Agreed. It seems to me that there are two parts to the infants in this issue: humanity and life. Those in favor of abortion want to be concerned about quality of life (when it can feel pain, when it can think, etc.), which is all subjective to the infant. But, they don’t want to consider the humanity, which is objective to the infant. Or they want to make “humanity” subjective too (“it’s human when its quality of life has reached point X). If they valued the humanity, they wouldn’t be willing to kill them at *any* age, since it is human at all qualities of life.

    As if it’s more acceptable to extinguish a life just because they won’t feel it. Why should they even care if they are going to inflict pain? “Er, why are you concerned about me feeling pain?” “We don’t want to hurt you while we kill you!” “How courteous of you, thinking so highly of my well-being as you kill me!” It’s like they want to recognize an existing humanity enough to not want to cause it pain, but then deny the humanity so as to be able to kill it with a clean conscience. That pesky “Truth” keeps popping up regardless of how much they try to suppress it in unrighteousness.

    “Feeling pain” is a completely arbitrary basis for the substance of “baby human” anyways.

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