Office Hours: Hywel Jones on Hebrews 8

Office HoursThe Christians to which the book of Hebrews was written were struggling with the temptation to leave that which is unseen for that which is seen, to go backwards in the history of redemption to those things that are described as “shadows” and “types” and “inferior.” They were stumbling over the relation between the old and new covenants. In what ways are they the same and in what ways are they different? How is the new covenant superior to the old? Joining us to help us sort out these things is the Rev Dr Hywel Jones, professor of Practical Theology at Westminster Seminary California. He is a minister in the  Presbyterian Church of Wales and served pastorates in Wales and England over 25 years. He has also been a  member of the executive committee of the British Evangelical Council of Churches, editor of its theological journal, and chairman of its study conference. In addition, he was co-chairman of the Westminster Fellowship of Ministers succeeding Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. In 1985 he became the first principal of the London Theological Seminary, where he lectured on Hebrew, Biblical Studies, Hermeneutics, and Homiletics. He has also taught in Romania, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Before coming to Westminster Seminary California in 2000, he served for four years as editorial director of the Banner of Truth Trust. Italy. He has been professor at WSC since 2000.

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