Legacy of the Reformation Tour

11-19 July 2013

Heidelberg old town churchJoel Beeke contacted me to ask me to let you know about an upcoming Reformation tour of the Netherlands and Germany. They have space for you.

Here’s what the flyer says:

Come with us on a journey through the heritage of the Netherlands and Germany with special emphasis on the Heidelberg Catechism. We’ll explore elegant, once-fortified Dordrecht, Palace Het Loo, Vesting Bourtange—a beautiful 16th-century fortress, the Johannes á Lasco Library at Emden, Bad Bentheim’s castle, the majestic Rhineland capital of Cologne, and the storybook city of Heidelberg. We’ll also enjoy a relaxing cruise on the legendary River Rhine.

Against the background of fascinating historical sites, our tour will be a time to revitalize our appreciation for, and use of, the gift which has been entrusted to the church in the Heidelberg Catechism. In addition, the Lord’s Day will be observed with morning and afternoon or evening worship services.

The Legacy of the Reformation tour begins in Amsterdam and concludes with a two-night stay in Heidelberg. Those who would like to do so can elect to spend an additional three nights in Heidelberg, returning home on July 22.

Attendance at the 4th Annual Heidelberg Conference on Reformed Theology (July 18 to 21) is offered to Legacy tour participants as an option. On the last Sabbath morning, we will worship in Heidelberg Castle (with Dr. Beeke preaching), where the Catechism was approved.

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