Talking To Students Who No Longer Believe In Truth

The Harvard students put out a whole list of questions on a brochure underneath the main title. One of those questions was “Why should anyone believe anything at all?” I looked at that and said, that is exactly the way I am doing the lecture. Why do people believe, and are these good reasons for belief? And I would ask the students that. While I didn’t recognize this beforehand, I realized I was talking to students influenced by the idea that what you believe doesn’t necessarily have to be true, and that’s okay, especially when you were dealing with questions of religion. So I fixed my lecture so that we asked that question first. By the time the lecture was over, I think most of them had come to the conclusion that they don’t want to believe something that isn’t true. Then the question is how you find out whether what you believe is true or not. From there we went into ordinary apologetics.

James Sire, “From the Sandhills of Nebraska to the Universe Next Door


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