R. C. Sproul: Are We Together? Not Really

This book is not what you might assume: a rehearsal of slogans. Rather, it is an intelligent and engaging primer for Protestants and Roman Catholics alike about what Rome actually teaches and what are the profound issues that continue to separate confessional, evangelical Protestants from the Roman communion. This is a book that Protestants should give to their Roman Catholic neighbors and that Protestant pastors (after reading it) should give to their members. It is also a book that more than a few theologians and historians should read before the next round of ecumenical discussions and documents. —R. Scott Clark

Watch a video about this volume here.

Here are some other resources.

Here’s an interview with W. Robert Godfrey on the topic of evangelicals converting to Rome


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  1. So far, I’m very impressed with this little book. I was skeptical at first – many books this short don’t often do justice to the debate. This is a timely volume, helpful for avoiding caricatures of Rome, but strong in defending the Reformation against Romanist claims and accusations. I intend to do a blog review soon.

  2. Dr. Clark, would you say that this book presents the Roman Catholic faith in a way that a Roman Catholic would recognize? For example, does it explain faith formed through love instead of simply reducing it to faith and works?

    I believe you used to have a table that shows the differences between the Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed understanding of various subjects. I think it was published in Modern Reformation, and I saw it once online, but I have not been able to find it since. Do you have a link to it?

  3. Here is the quick short of it how Rome sees faith and works: If you have no unconfessed mortal sin (mortal sins are serious, while venial sins are lesser sins), and you are abiding in the Vine (John 15), He is the vine and you are the branch, the fruit that you bear are the good works that Christ is doing in you. The good works that He is doing in you, contribute to your salvation along with faith.

    What is interesting here is that I recently went on the Calvary Chapel website at Golden Springs with Raul Ries. If you click on some of their stuff on abiding etc., it is so close to the Roman view of salvation and your part in staying saved.

    My contention has been that since Rome is semi-Pelagian like many of the Christian churches (including the Calvary Chapels), so that if you disqualify Rome as a Christian church, you also have to disqualify those other churches as well. They teach much of the same stuff, but package it a little differently.

    I plan on viewing the R.C. Sproul video later today.

  4. Christian talk show host Janet Mefferd (who is as good as anyone in media today, IMO) had R. C. on to discuss the book for Hour 3 of the September 26th program,


    As usual, Janet’s questions are well-researched and incisive. She always brings out the best in her guests.

    R. C. Sproul continue to go from strength to strength the older he gets. Some men waffle and weaken as they approach old age; R. C. is more powerful than ever. What a great blessing he is to God’s people.

  5. I scratch my head at these migrations from Christ. I can more understand apostasy by those who have not had a steady pelagian-eradicating diet of The gospel of grace more than I can by those who at least conceptually articulated or professed to understand the solas of the scriptures. Doctrines of devils which play to the original sin and pelagian sense of “Im not so bad that I can help get this thing done” show its more than mere knowledge and assent, but a genuine regenerating work of the Spirit of God. Let us all hold fast to truth and place no confidence in the flesh.

  6. We are not only not together, but we are farther apart for the reasons stated by Dr. Sproul in the video. Protestants need to repeat that over and over again, particular when people like Timothy George say otherwise.

    I find it disappointing how some Christians can be so passionate about things like abortion, but they don’t show half the passion when it comes to being clear on the Gospel.

  7. I haven’t read Dr. Sproul’s book as of yet. I am sure it is right on target! My comment is that the Holy Spirit is the one who REGENERATES us. Part of His work is to make us see how disgusting we are as sinners and enemies of the true GOD. Whe are at the mercy of GOD even in our regenerate state. The fact that He is willing to let us be His children is what enables us to do the good we do. I will end this because I am an ex-catholic who becomes very passionate when it comes to defending ALL THE SOLAS!!!!!!!!

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