Office Hours-Cornelius Van Til: Family Man, Friend, and Pastor

Office HoursOffice Hours talks this week with Dr. John Van Til, nephew of Reformed apologist and theologian Cornelius Van Til, about CVT’s life and ministry.

Dr John Van Til is a Fellow for Law & Humanities at the Center for Vision and Values, Grove City College, where he taught for many years.

If you want to know more about C. Van Til’s life and work you should begin with this excellent biography by John Muether. Van Til’s most basic book is Defense of the Faith.

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  1. Thanks for your recent episode about “Uncle Case”.  I wonder if someone has tried to combine sound recordings of CVT with diagrams in a video format.

    • Hi Bob,

      It is wonderful to hear CVT, isn’t it? He’s such a pastor. More than 20 years ago I transcribed a sermon he gave (for the Lord’s Supper). I wish I could find it. That was the first thing that signaled to me that there was more to Van Til than two circles and the fierce apologist. He was a Dutch Reformed biblical theologian.

      It was very good and gracious of John to sit for this interview.

      Just for fun, the Dutch spell his nickname “Kees.”

  2. Mag ik even uw aandacht. I always had trouble with the Kees, number and gender of nouns, pronouns and adjectives. 🙂

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