New PCA Congregation Planted in Gillette, WY

“Church planting in the Western Plains is generally not a high-profile, money attracting endeavor.Why would someone in a city of three million, for example, be concerned about a town of around twenty thousand, let alone one of two or three thousand? That’s what we’re dealing with here in the Western plains.” Read more»

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  1. This is a very important place, one of the biggest “cities” in NE Wyoming (I’ve been in that area). A good example of how geographical considerations sometimes can override a purely “population-centered” mindset. Gillette forms a hub that can be used to reach out to people in other close towns like Buffalo, Newcastle, Sundance, etc. I think we need to take these rural areas, the so-called “blank spaces” on the map, more into consideration when we consider how to best reach this country for Christ!

    Other examples of towns/”cities” that are very important for their geographical area, despite not being really that big (future ideas for church planting? 😉 ):

    – Havre, MT
    – North Platte, NB
    – Minot, ND
    – Elko, NV
    – Grand Junction, CO

  2. Thanks for the correction, Phil! You got me this time – I’m usually very careful about my writing! 😀

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