Headline: Jesus Fired For Hanging Out with Sinners

Mutatis mutandis you’ll see the point (HT: AR).

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  1. One question – What kind of beer was he drinking? There is a difference, ya know.

  2. I would agree that there’s nothing wrong with individuals discussing spirtual matters over an ale. However, in my local community the whole “beer and Bible” thing mostly seems to be a means of propogating the so-called “emergent church” movement. In other words, it tends to take the place of the bibliclal church community for many who are part of it, and thus eliminates (or radically abuses) such crucial things as the sacraments and church discipline.

    • At your own blog you remark that in conservative, Mormon Utah this might not play well. So how can it be accomodationism?

      • Indeed, by that same token, isn’t refusing to drink beer accommodating to the prevailing Mormon culture? When we make the prevailing culture our standard, I’m liable to get very disoriented very rapidly…

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