Hart Brings Machen to the Mainline in Omaha (Link Corrected)

It’s been long enough since the fundamentalist-modernist controversy that much of evangelicalism has coalesced or become indistinguishable from the old liberalism. The old lines between “liberals” and “conservatives” are fuzzy. Many in the mainline are unaware of the sideline or of the conflict and even fewer have ever heard an articulate account of what motivates one to be a sideline Presbyterian. So, when the Parker Williamson (of the prominent Presbyterian Layman) and Darryl Hart speak at a borderline (EPC) congregation to a group of largely mainline pastors, that’s an event. It’s an even bigger event when it takes place in Omaha—hardly a bastion of Old Side, Old School Presbyterianism.

WSC alumnus Austin Britton has the story.

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  1. As of 0930 Eastern, is this article complete? Ends with “. the” Looks like text is missing, possibly a hyperlink is missing as well. Somebody call out Dan Brown (or Bart Ehrman?) to investigate.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this conference. I live in Omaha, but would not have heard about it if not for the Heidelblog. I enjoyed the conference and learned some profitable things. It is sad to see what happens when people abandon the Bible as the inerrant Word of God.

  3. This was a good conference. I was able to attend, and Professor Hart was very informative. A conference that basically goes over Machen and his Christianity and Liberalism book is a conference that is applicable in every era.

    Rev. Parker Williamson was also a very good speaker, and his direct experience with the liberalism of the PCUSA was humbling to hear.

    I believe that things are afoot in Omaha. Keep this area in your prayers!

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