The Spirit of Machen

Has a home in what is perhaps an unexpected place.

Update You can get your MWC paraphernalia here.

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  1. lol. your dreams come true. I thought I would weep of embarrassment when this happened, instead I’m just laughing.

  2. Machen is a Gospel machine. I regret not bringing any Machen out here in Korea.

    Is it just me, but does Machen resemble Homer Simpson in that photo/shirt?

    • Since all of Machen’s work on and/or before (and perhaps somewhat after) 1923 is no longer under copyright (at least according to U.S. laws), much of it is available in highly readable formats online. Check out the Online writings section on this wiki (working links to several of his books and all of his Princeton Review articles):

      (I’m not an attorney, but I’ve seen several discussions regarding copyright and I feel I’m on fairly safe ground in claiming that everything published before 1923 is now, at least in the U.S., within the Public Domain.)

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