A Reformed Post-Boomer Visits Mars Hill, Downtown Seattle

And it’s not all bad. We could learn a few things. At the same time, they have not escaped the individualism of the boomers.

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  1. My husband and I also visited Mars Hill recently and were also both encouraged and discouraged. We would agree with the blogger at Geneva Redux that their efforts at Christian community were admirable, even if no one spoke to us either. But we also were very surprised at that way the Lord’s Table was handled. No words of institution, no explanation, no fencing of the table…just a fairly confusing lining up for bread amid the din of the worship band (which we also agree was inappropriately loud for corporate worship).

    I won’t even go into the three ring circus, aka baptisms that were done on that day!

    Yes, there’s alot of good going on there, but there’s also a lot of room to grow.

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