Physics Prof Busts Fake Schools

Most of them seem to be overseas but one hopes that when he’s done there, he’ll turn his attention to equally dubious schools (some of them religious in nature and some of them ostensibly Reformed) in the USA. He has more links and a brief summary of the issue on his school website. If you call a “school” and the answering machine directs you to the father who runs one school and the son who runs the other, that’s usually a bad sign. Here’s a three-part series I did on this problem in our own circles.

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  1. In addition to the need to go after theological diploma mills; we need a system of warning labels for accredited seminaries. E.g.

    “Graduates are very unlikely to be able to exegete Scripture in the original languages.”

    “Students can graduate without ever reading Calvin or any of the Reformed Confessions.”

    “Everyone who pays tuition graduates. No exceptions.”

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