A Well-Hammered Nail: Hywel Jones on Ps 119

HyweljonesPs119A skilled carpenter at work is a thing of beauty. The hammer goes where it ought and the nail is struck soundly. In Scripture, wisdom and skill are closely related and they are often regarded as Spirit-given. It is certainly true that wisdom and skill in handling God’s Word is Spirit-given. Hywel Jones‘ latest volume, Psalm 119 for Life, is a place where we see Spirit-given skill at work in handling the Word and that’s fitting as Psalm 119 is a meditation on the Word of God. We live in a noisy age where volume passes for wisdom and sophistry for insight. There’s so much noise and sophistry one fears that the truth might be drowned out. There is, however, a distinctive sound when a carpenter strikes a nail perfectly and that sound cuts through the clutter. As you read this book you will understand what I mean and you will understand God’s Word more deeply. This is a little book (22 brief chapters covering all 176 verses!) but it is not a small book. You will be glad you read it. This work will be excellent for bible studies, as a devotional, for graduates, or for anyone with a desire to understand God’s Word and his way with his people more fully. The volume is available this month from the Bookstore at WSC for $13.71 plus shipping.

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