New in the Bookstore: The Gospel-Driven Life

hortongospeldrivenlifeIn Christless Christianity Mike prosecuted the case against many forms of contemporary Christianity. That critique has found a hearing not only in North America but across the globe. It is finding a readership in Korea and elsewhere as they too find that what is being passed off as “Christianity” isn’t always terrible Christian. Now comes the good news. There is another, better, more Christ-centered, gospel-oriented way to approach the faith and the Christian life. In contrast to purpose- and program-driven Christianity, the gospel-driven life begins with an announcement that comes from heaven and leads to life in a Christian community established by Jesus himself, the church. The “breaking news,” as Mike puts it is not what is happening inside of us—we are not the story—but what has happened for us, in Christ. This book isn’t the “same old, same old.” This is a book you can give to thoughtful friends, relatives, and neighbors, to explain why the Christian faith animates you and your life. It’s available in The Bookstore at WSC for $13.40 and 5.00 shipping (18.40; hardcover).

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