How You Can Help the HB: Click

There are more than 1900 posts on the HB. There are more than 9700 comments. Some of those are questions that have to be answered. The HB also tends to increase email traffic with even more questions. Some days I spend most of my day at the computer answering questions. As you can imagine,  running the HB takes a fair bit of time. I’ve resisted the temptation to advertise, but there is an easy way for you to help the HB. The Bookstore at WSC now has a program whereby, if you click on a book link (such as one of those to your left — if you’re reading this in an RSS reader you might need to go to the HB to see this properly) on this blog it will take you to the Bookstore at WSC and I get credit. When I get enough credits, I can trade them for books. Given that books are essential to my work, those credits will be helpful. So, to recap: If you want to support the HB, if you click on a book link to the Bookstore at WSC and I get credit for it. It’s that simple. Click and it benefits the HB. Thanks for your help.

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  1. So I was thinking…maybe we can give this thing a stiff kick in the seat of the pants and get you enough credit to get the entire Loeb classical library (unless you already have it, or don’t want it *gasp*).

  2. BTW I’ll do what I can. You know me and my bartering. That blasted holiday is coming up and I’m bound to get some money for it.

  3. It may be handy for you to have other people have this link on their website so you can get more. Or is their some sort of “only on your website through x link” clause will bring the buck? It’s not that I want people to avoid your website. I want them to go to HB and have more credit going your way.

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