Let Them Learn Latin (Latinam Linguam Comperiant)

At the Atlantic (HT: Alan Jacobs)

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  1. Latin used to be required coursework for those who were on an academic track (college bound) when I was in junior high school back in the early 60’s. Not sure what happened.

  2. The older approach was to start w/ Latin and thence to Greek, which is Latin w/funny letters.

    Once one has Latin one has the structure of Latin one also has the structure of Greek.

  3. Thank you for this post!
    Robert W. McDowell,
    Past President (1968-69), Indiana Junior Classical League.

  4. I wish someone would have been interested in teaching me Latin.

    Latin may be a dead language, but it is still used for some modern literature. I saw a Harry Potter book in Latin at a Barnes and Noble. I could understand enough to read that it said Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and not Sorcerer’s Stone.

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