Calvin’s Self-Identification As A Lutheran

You can see, reader, that the man is pulled both this way and that. He wants to appear to be opening a battle against the whole party of the Lutherans, not against any individual member of it. But he cannot attack us all at the same time except as a united body. Grudgingly he is brought to acknowledge that there is agreement between us.

John Calvin, Bondage and Liberation of the Will, 30 (HT: Matthew Seufert)


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  1. You should do a weekly ‘question’ section on your blog. Do you and I just don’t know about it? I’m always interested in and learn much from that kind of thing. I have a question: why does the Already/Not Yet begin at the cross? Didn’t Old Testament believers experience the Already when they believed?

  2. OK–I admit it. This quote stumps me. Who made the quote, and and who is the author of “Bondage and Liberation of the Will”?

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