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Sebastian writes about the ongoing work to plant a confessional Reformed congregation in Heidelberg:

First, this coming Lord’s Day, June 7, about sixteen of us will gather in our new office space in downtown Heidelberg. It will be the first official gathering. I will give a devotional and then explain the vision and strategy for the work in Heidelberg and for a future denomination in Germany. The evening will be rounded off with much prayer and a nice dinner. Please pray that there would be a spirit of unity in our common faith and confession and a resolve by everyone to be committed to this work.

Second, as you might have guessed, we have moved into our office space that we have been able to obtain with your generous pledges and donations. It has been a wonderful blessing and will continue to be, even as we gather here as a small group this coming Sunday. However, we are still lacking a small amount of funds necessary for the rent and renovation cost. Some of the money pledged has not actually come in so far. Please pray that the remainder would come in soon!

Third and finally, we have a friend from the U.S. come over to help us who is a video producer. He will shoot footage and interviews to produce a DVD for Reformation2Germany. We hope that this will give us wide exposure in churches in the U.S. and in Europe as we send out the DVDs. If you would like to contribute towards the production cost of this DVD, or your church would like to take this on as a project, please let us know. Please pray toward that end that $2.500 would come in for production cost.

Please find the usual information about supporting our work at (or click on “Supporting R2G”). If you want to earmark your donation to ‘office’ or ‘video production’, please let us know!

As always, please commit R2G to the Lord in prayer! May He alone be honored!
Thank you!

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