Top Five Opponents of Reformed Orthodoxy

According to James Durham in the 17th century.

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  1. I am curious about the last thing JDT said on his post about the fact they didn’t pull any punches back then or something to that effect. What happened between then and now? Tunc super nunc isn’t what I’m advocating here, but I want to know what was going through their hearts/ heads back then.

    I admit I’m shook up a bit when people start getting heated at one another calling one another dogs, swine, yet I know that sharp opposition is necessary to rebuke and show the grace of God. I don’t view rebuke and grace to be antithetic to one another. I suppose it’s the “don’t rock the boat” and “everyone paste a smile on and get along” mentality I was raised with in my “younger” Christian years. Not to mention all the PC stuff I was pickled in when I was a kid.

    I listened to the “Why are Reformed Christians such Jerks.”

    BTW, “Tunc super nunc” is mine, Dr. Clark.

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