Call for Papers by Young Scholars

It’s depressing that I don’t qualify (45 and under) but you might. Details here.

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  1. Too bad you have to spend thousands to go in order to “win” a couple of hundred. I have an essay from a course at PRTS on Calvin and absolution as well as Calvin and the claim of his liturgy being “according to the custom of the ancient church.” Guess I need to find another venue for them.

  2. Yeah, even one of the scholars invited to give a main session couldn’t afford it … and I’ve had to cancel my trip for the conference in Geneva in May – partly because I don’t have time to write my paper (maybe I could borrow one of yours, Danny?)

  3. Mark,

    To use my paper I guess you’d have to come up with a pseudonym, say, Desperville, in order to cover up the academic high jinks of one man using another’s stuff!

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