Maybe "Dead" Orthodoxy is Really Life Giving?

As I read, the scales fell from my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. We are justified by “receiving and resting on Christ and his righteousness through faith”! It was almost too good to be true. I felt like the heavens had opened and God had poured joy into my heart. It was better than anything I’d experienced in my charismatic wanderings. Read more»

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  • R. Scott Clark
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    R.Scott Clark is the President of the Heidelberg Reformation Association, the author and editor of, and contributor to several books and the author of many articles. He has taught church history and historical theology since 1997 at Westminster Seminary California. He has also taught at Wheaton College, Reformed Theological Seminary, and Concordia University. He has hosted the Heidelblog since 2007.

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  1. Seriously Scott, with your influence on the blogosphere and the WHI guys with their podcasting, people like me are being renewed, converted and revitalized with the great doctrines of the Reformation. Keep teaching, contending and encouraging. God bless you.

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