"Calvin's Legacy Conference" MP3s Now Available for Download

calvinslegacymp31At the Bookstore at WSC. Each Lecture is only $2.00 and the entire set is only $14.00. You can also pre-order CD’s from the bookstore. 


Buy Complete Set $14.00
  Calvin‘s Legacy, Calvin: Why He Still Matters (ID: # 2262). $2.00
  Calvin‘s Legacy, Calvin as Bible Interpreter (ID: # 2263). $2.00
  Calvin‘s Legacy, Calvin and the Reform of Worship (ID: # 2264). $2.00
  Calvin‘s Legacy, Calvin on Law and Gospel (ID: # 2265). $2.00
  Calvin‘s Legacy, Calvin and Preaching (ID: # 2266). $2.00
  Calvin‘s Legacy, Calvin: The Friendly Reformer (ID: # 2267). $2.00
  Calvin‘s Legacy, Q&A Panel [ID: # 2268]. $2.00

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  1. Vic,

    I don’t know. It’s a good idea. I wish we had thought of it! You might write the seminary to ask. Just use the general contact email at the website.

  2. Wow! The lecture on Calvin and the Reform of worship is worth infinitely more than the $2 I paid for! Oh, how I wish our reformed churches all over would adhere to the words contained in the lecture. To think that Calvin would be horrified at our contemporary “reformed” worship is astounding and yet so, so true. Thanks Dr. Clark.

    By the way, the audio clip states it allows for posting and distribution so long as it does not distort the information within.

  3. Vic,

    No, we rely on the providence God, administered through the the support of churches and donors, to exist. Most of our support comes from donors, the rest from tuition.

  4. Dr. Clark,

    I’m curious, what kind of response does this kind of speech solicit from the Reformed churches?

  5. I’m glad…which reminds me, I need to pick it up soon. Thanks again. When will you be making your way back to preach at Brea?

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