Cyberhymnal Hacked? Now Back

The explanation is here. Chris Powell gave us the heads up at the PB

One is tempted to say, “that’s what you get for posting a hymnal” but one refrains. The CH is a helpful way to find tunes for this Sunday’s psalms or canticles (Scripture songs). You can find psalms and tunes online here.

Is there a way to cyberpunish cybersquatters?

Update 27 Dec 08

It’s back. Thanks to Philip for letting us know.

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  1. It looks more like the owners of the site didn’t renew the domain in time and someone else grabbed it. It’s not the nicest thing for someone to do to you, but I’d hardly call it being “hacked”.

  2. The owner did not say whether or not the domain expired. He simply said that it had been hacked, which doesn’t seem accurate. Here’s another message that seems to indicate that the domain expired:

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