Introducing our Children to the Reformed Tradition

The “T” word doesn’t get a lot of respect, but, in fact, we are heirs of a tradition and we are transmitters of the same to our congregations and to our children and to those who are interested in it from without. I just learned today about an interesting new booklet by Simonetta Carr, a member of Christ Reformed Church (Santee, CA) introducing John Calvin to children.

Mike Horton says,The parents of four ourselves, my wife and I are eager to learn of new materials we can use and recommend. This is surely a resource that we would noise abroad. A translator of Reformed materials into Italian as well as a teacher, Simonetta is remarkably gifted. She knows the history and theology of the Reformation well, yet also knows how to ‘translate’ for our children. The Reformed community really needs this kind of edifying literature for our covenant youth.

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